No matter how old your child is, chances are they love to run around. Rainy days can present a problem as kids tend to get irritable if they need to stay cramped in one place for too long. Summertime is usually a beautiful time to run outside, but if the temperature gets too hot, outdoor fun is put to a halt. During the colder months, it can be difficult to truly enjoy the outdoor environment and playing in a playground is not as appealing.


Tik Tocs Playland offers a safe environment for your child to run, climb, and slide down all our state-of-the-art equipment all year round. We have sections of our kids indoor play centre for various ages that are sure to be a hit no matter what the weather is outside.

Spend a Day at Our Kids Indoor Play Centre

Our kids play centre understands that children have loads of energy which is why we have designed one of the biggest play centres in the county. Our children indoor play centre includes two large play structures that have four levels and ten slides. Three of the slides are 6.5m high with one of them constructed at a 70-degree angle. Activities also include laser tag, rock climbing, teacup rides and an arcade.


A bonus to our kids indoor play centre is that adults can fit on our equipment as well! Feel free to climb around with your child on either of our structures. If your child is younger, our designated area for toddlers is a perfect option. This section comes with a jumping castle, play structure and ball pit that is specifically designed for little ones.

Options for Vacation Care at Our Kids Play Centre

Our children’s play centre offers different options for weekday playgroups and school and vacation care. It is important to note that a carer must supervise your child at all times. The weekday playground option includes full use of the play structure and toddler area. Food is also included with this option with chicken nuggets, chips and jugs of water offered for lunch. It is important to note that this offer is not possible during the school holidays.

If you are interested in a school trip or holiday care, you will still have full access to our play structure. We offer different options based on your needs including choices in food and game access.

We Provide You with a Day of Fun

Established in 2002, Tik Tocs Playground was designed to give your children only the best indoor playground experience. We cater not only to an occasional day trip but birthday and holiday parties. Our café supplies you with delicious food and drinks while our dance floor is continually playing the best songs. Our staff is here to address any of your concerns with our equipment and to make sure that your experience is memorable.

For more information about our kids play centre, please call us on 61 2 9607 0888 or visit our contact page.