Whether you are looking for the perfect place to plan a child’s birthday party or just want a good way of encouraging your children to use up their considerable energy, Tik Tocs Playland is the perfect destination. Started in 2002, we were the first indoor play centre in Sydney. The better part of two decades later, we remain one of the biggest indoor playgrounds in the entire country. Our size and the variety of play structures we offer make us the rare indoor play centre which appeals to parents almost as much as it does to their kids.

A Kids’ Indoor Playground That Parents Will Adore

What makes Tik Tocs Playland such a parent-friendly kids play centre in Sydney? We actively encourage parents to get involved in the fun. One of the things we love most about doing what we do is that we get to see parents bonding with their kids every day. The design of our 1,350 square metre kids’ indoor playground makes it well suited to cross-generational fun. There are some activities that you just never outgrow. Things like laser tag and rock climbing will always be fun, whether you are a kid, a teenager or an adult. We incorporate both laser tag and rock climbing into our play centre design, along with teacup rides and two massive play structures. There is so much to do at Tik Tocs Playland that any parent can find a way to have fun with their kids.

Of course, if you would rather sit on the sidelines and watch your kids play with their friends, you will have that option too. There is plenty of space to sit down with other parents and enjoy a cup of coffee—or a hot meal—while your kids play. For school groups or big birthday parties, this option is a good way to give all the kids a chance to enjoy each other’s company.

Book a Function at Tik Tocs Playland Today

An indoor play centre in Sydney is the perfect spot for a school function, a birthday party, a Christmas party or an end of year celebration for your daycare or childcare business, or anything of that like. However, while we market ourselves as a kid play centre in Sydney, the fact is that our clientele really spans a wide age range. Parents who visit our indoor playground with their kids often love the activities so much that they end up booking our facilities for their corporate or work events. We’ve found that offices love coming to our playground for team building activities or corporate Christmas parties. As we said above, things like laser tag and rock climbing have a timeless appeal which transcends age.

If you have been looking for a kids’ indoor playground that you would love too, look no further than Tik Tocs Playland. Contact us today to learn more or to make your booking.